How Mindful is one therapist’s experiences in mindfulness practices in her daily life. Here you will find mindfulness resources, interviews with like minded people, personal blog posts about Cheryl's life and journey as well as opportunities to reach out and interact with Cheryl herself.



About Me.

Hi all my name is Cheryl Gillespie, welcome to my website! I have been a practicing therapist with my masters in social work for over 22 years. I have been practicing mindfulness in my personal life since 2012 and professionally since 2013. As I've learned more about mindfulness it has opened me up to deeper spiritual experiences.  Recently I have felt a calling to change how I bring my knowledge and life experience to the world. So I'm bringing myself to social media; in hopes of helping those who are not able to seek traditional therapy and guidance. Don't get me wrong this website is not a manual on mindfulness and therapy practices. IT IS a place for me to share my knowledge, thoughts and to reach like minded individuals. I'm excited to start this journey and am excited for you to join me on the ride!

Thanks for stopping by!